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Fidalgo Restoration, LLC - Log Home and Wood Restoration
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Welcome to Fidalgo Restoration Log Home Repair LLC, the premier western United States log home restoration specialists. Our log home restoration and preservation process will restore the natural warmth and beauty to your log home and cedar sided home using state of the art log home restoration techniques and materials. We provide log home and cedar sided home restoration services to Washington State and California.

We professionally restore and preserve your log or cedar sided home’s interior and exterior finish to bring back the home’s natural look and feel.

We provide chinking, caulking and sealing to your home. Our process significantly reduces or eliminates drafts, insect incursion and will minimize winter time heat loss.

Fidalgo Restoration Log Home Repair LLC has extensive knowledge and experience restoring log and cedar sided homes back to their original look and feel. We pride ourselves in customer service and overall satisfaction of our clients. We understand the emotional and aesthetic ties to a log and cedar sided home… in fact; the owner of Fidalgo Restoration Log Home Repair LLC lives in a log home and understands the pride associated with log home ownership!

International Log Builder's Association (ILBA) - An Education association for handcrafted log construction

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Restoration Videos

Walnut Media Blasting using a fine grit walnut media on a log home with a failed finish. A 185 CFM compressor is pressurizing the blasting pot and then the nozzle is generating 120 psi of pressure used to propel the walnut media and remove the failed finish from the logs.
The hand sanding phase of the restoration is the most time consuming and physically demanding of the entire process. Here a worker is using a 6" random orbital sander and a 60 grit sand paper to knock down the furring and raised grain caused by the blasting process. At Fidalgo Restoration, we go the extra mile and hand sand the entire house to ensure the wood is prepared correctly prior to borate application and staining!
In this video, our worker is applying a honey tone oil base stain to the lodgepole pine log home. Following the spraying of the stain, he will vigorously back brush the logs to ensure complete penetration of the stain and no drips. The stain will dry to a matte finish and will highlight the natural grain pattern and knots on the logs.