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Welcome to Fidalgo Restoration Log Home Repair LLC, the premier western United States log home restoration specialists. Our log home restoration and preservation process will restore the natural warmth and beauty to your log home and cedar sided home using state of the art log home restoration techniques and materials. We provide log home and cedar sided home restoration services to Washington State and California.

We professionally restore and preserve your log or cedar sided home’s interior and exterior finish to bring back the home’s natural look and feel.

We provide chinking, caulking and sealing to your home. Our process significantly reduces or eliminates drafts, insect incursion and will minimize winter time heat loss.

Fidalgo Restoration Log Home Repair LLC has extensive knowledge and experience restoring log and cedar sided homes back to their original look and feel. We pride ourselves in customer service and overall satisfaction of our clients. We understand the emotional and aesthetic ties to a log and cedar sided home… in fact; the owner of Fidalgo Restoration Log Home Repair LLC lives in a log home and understands the pride associated with log home ownership!

International Log Builder's Association (ILBA) - An Education association for handcrafted log construction

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The Log Home Restoration Process

The process for restoring your home is a 5 step process:

Wood Surface PreperationStep 1: The most important and most overlooked step is wood surface preparation. Proper wood surface preparation includes blasting the exterior of the home using a ground up walnut media, or using a chemical stripper to remove the failed finish on decks and roofs. Walnut blasting uses a ground walnut media with the consistency of fine light sand, but much lighter in weight. The walnut media blasting technique is a log home restoration industry standard and provides the client with an environmentally safe and effective means of removing failed finishes from the wood surface. Walnut blasting also removes fungus, dirt and wood discoloration in order to bring back the original look and feel of the wood. Upon completion of blasting, the entire surface area of the blasted wood is hand sanded using an orbital sander and 60 or 80 grit paper. This step is the most difficult and time consuming in the process!

Protect from OversprayStep 2: Protect the windows and doors from overspray. Mask and tape all the windows and doors to minimize overspray of preservative and stain. For decks and roofs, protect plants and vulnerable surfaces with plastic tarps.

Preserve the WoodStep 3: Preserve the wood. A 10% solution of a boron derived wood preservative called “borate” is applied using an airless sprayer. Borates have been used successfully for decades in New Zealand, and England as an anti-fungal (rot), insecticide and mildecide. This preservative has a powder consistency and is dissolved in water, then applied using an airless sprayer. The borate provides great protection and is a must for preserving your wood for many years!

Apply FinishStep 4: Apply the correct finish! This is also a very important step. There are many products on the market and the finish decision can be very confusing and disconcerting. Fidalgo Restoration recommends an oil base penetrating finish such as Sikkens Cetol SRD, not a “film-base” non-penetrating finish. In fact, the owner of Fidalgo Restoration used Sikkens Cetol SRD on his home and it is still in great shape after 7+ years! Please read the articles written by log home restoration expert “Jim Renfroe”.

Maintain the WoodStep 5: Log home maintenance and cedar home maintenance is necessary to prevent complete restoration in the future. A yearly maintenance plan is an absolute must to preserve your exterior finish. You will not have to restore the wood again….if, you maintain your finish. Please contact Fidalgo Restoration for a maintenance schedule and plan for your exterior finish, decks and roof.